Business Strategy NERD
Jeremy is a Business Strategist who loves what he does!  Being able to talk shop with business owners of all kinds is what he truly loves to do!  

And the best part is seeing business owners' and their families make positive changes for the short and long term.

Over the years he's cultivated quite a resume, network and team around this passion of his.  Whether you are looking for overall strategy, specific execution plans, lead generation tactics/skills/strategies, retention tactics/skills/strategies or anything in between... Jeremy will either have a nugget for you himself OR be able to point you in the right direction.

Which one are you?

- 10,000 foot View Strategy?
- Value Proposition Strategy?
- Need More Customers?
- Ideal Customer Targeting?
- Customer Conversions?
- Customer Retention or Follow Up?

Or Maybe You Need A Website, Sales Funnel Or Design Work?

Regardless, just reach out and Ask!  Jeremy will do his best to point you in the right direction no matter what!
Jeremy's passion to help small to medium sized businesses stems from being a small business leader for over 10 years. If you know him or get the opportunity to meet him - you'll quickly see that one of Jeremy’s secret weapons is that he genuinely cares and wants to add value if he can.
Jeremy is a Business Strategist who delivers resources and strategies to strengthen small to medium sized businesses all while helping them understand the new digital landscape. 

One foundational conversation that Jeremy has with just about everyone he serves is related to how the "Customer Journey" today (2019) has evolved quickly over the last 10 years and the business leaders that adjust their course to best serve their customers are winning! In fact they are winning big.

As we all know - businesses who can't fulfill their customers' wants and needs end up having issues at some point - this simple truth is why Jeremy is closely aligned with one of the top fulfillMent coMpanies in the United States!. 
  •   They have the highest client retention rate amongst its digital agency competitors in the US
  •  They are 1 of just 30 companies nation-wide to be a Premier Partner with Google
  •  They are 1 of just 2 companies to be a Premier Partners with Google and Facebook
  •   In October of 2018, Facebook announced that they earned the "Best Facebook Marketing Execution" Award 
"In The Future You Are Either a Digital Business or a Dead Business."
- Jeremy Rupp
Which Biz Type Are You?
  • Real Estate - Tired of Zillow?  Interested in taking the control back from Zillow?  Let's talk!  Our campaigns are Crushing Zillow campaigns! If you'd like I'll send you the Monthly Google Search Volume In Your Area... Just reach out and I'll get you set up!  
  • Local Contractors - Learn how to stop wasting time talking to and/or doing estimates on projects that aren't profitable!  Learn how to use a "Value Ladder" to add value to your community and attract the right kind of customers!  It doesn't matter if you're a GC,  Plumber, HVAC or other specialty contractor... our proven systems will make a positive impact!
  • Dentists, Chiropractors or Other Professional Services - You are likely in a competitive landscape which is why our proven strategies can make or break your business!  Learn how to use a "Value Ladder" to add value to your community and create long term customers that LOVE your practice!
  • Various Other Local Business - There has never been more opportunity than right now!  Reach out and see if what we're doing fits you... If not, we'll happily refer you to a friend or colleague!  We LOVE helping businesses thrive!  
Attn: Real Estate Professionals - Did You Know?!
Below Are The Monthly Google Searches For The Top Ten Keywords For A Few Cities Around The Country
  •  Denver: ~700k monthly google searches. The word "realtor" alone is searched 368k times each month.
  • LA: ~6.2M monthly google searches. The word "realtor" alone is searched 2.8M times each month.
  •  San Diego: ~700k monthly google searches. The word "realtor" alone is searched 310k times each month.
  •  Minneapolis: ~700k monthly google searches. The word "realtor" alone is searched 268k times each month.
  •  Dallas/Ft Worth: ~2.4M monthly google searches. The word "realtor" alone is searched 1.3M times each month.
  •  Louisville, KY: ~500k monthly google searches. The word "realtor" alone is searched 285k times each month.
  •  Madison, WI: ~400k monthly google searches. The word "realtor" alone is searched 218k times each month.
What's The Point?  This Trend Continues Throughout The Country.  

Literally Millions Of People Search "Realtor" In Google Every Single Month!

Maybe Zillow Isn't In The Driver's Seat?!

Reach Out And I'll Share How We're Taking Advantage Of This And Leaving Zillow In The Dust!
Finally - Imagine Your Future In 2 Scenarios
1. You Embrace The Internet And Invest In Yourself

2. You Ignore This And Other Opportunities And Keep Doing Business As Usual
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"In The Future You Are Either a Digital Business or a Dead Business."
- Jeremy Rupp
7 Reason Why
Today competitive advantage is fleeting. If you examine the most innovative companies in every industry, you will see that they recognized how the internet is driving change across industries by taking advantage of an emerging trend or technology, thinking about how that trend changes people’s behavior and then figure out the technology or technologies that can address those new needs.
Take Your Business to The Next Level
Learn How to Effectively Grow Your Business By Creating Your Customers Journey
  •  Clarity:  Get a complete overview of where and when customers are interacting with your business.
  •  Focus:  Create focussed messaging aimed at fulfilling the motivations of each buyer persona at each stage in your journey.
  •  Purpose:  Build campaigns that have a clearly defined purpose, call to action and KPI for each stage of your journey.
  •  Gaps:  Show where you are currently lacking content that helps buyers progress through your journey.
  •  Issues: Identify choke points and places where you are currently losing customers and develop priorities to address these.
  •  Expenditure: Understand where you need to invest money to get a continuous flow of people from the beginning to the end of your journey.