As a professional real estate investor, consultant, and general contractor I have completed the acquisition of multi-million dollars of buy and holds, profitably rehabbed multi-millions of dollars of fix and flips, managed construction projects from $30k to $1M, wholesaled millions of dollars of real estate with strategic financing and title exchanges, as well as, negotiated strategic financing on several million dollars of investment and retail real estate.  

Like many of you, having a passion for life and leading my amazing family is where the real rewards come.  All the money or real estate in the world can't give the fulfillment that a great family provides for loving parents.  No matter how tough times are at any given moment remember that we are all blessed.  I like to encourage others to live a full life, give and don't ask for anything in return and make a positive impact each day.  One thing  we do to make a positive impact is with every real estate transaction we do, we donate $100 to charity or a local ministry within our community. 

"Choose Legacy Over Currency"

- unknown