Do you want to sell your house?


This is not an ideal time to sell a house, but if you're willing to be flexible you can still manage it. Even though fewer people are purchasing homes for themselves, the unpredictability of the stock market has led many investors to look for real estate bargains. Selling to investors isn't like selling to people looking for homes, though. Personal home buyers are looking for lifestyle features while investors are seeking profitability. Investors are likely to be more financially sophisticated than the average personal home buyer as well and more open to creative arrangements.

Tips for Selling to Investors:

Trading vs. Selling: Are you looking for a new home? Investors often have properties to sell and are very open to trades. 

Sell to Rent: If you like your home but are having trouble with your mortgage, consider selling the property to an investor who is willing to rent it to you for the short or long term.

Labor/Remodeling: Investors often remodel properties. If you can do repair work the investor wants on your own property, you may be able to get a better financial deal. 

Creative Financing: Investors are focused on money. Offer creative financing options to make your property more attractive, but consult a professional real estate lawyer first.

Price Flexibility: Be flexible on price. Investors may make low-ball bids, but might take a house "as is", or let you live in your house or other properties they own for a few months.

Cosmetics: Investors want a clean house in good repair, but they are less concerned about cosmetics or staging than personal home buyers. 

Promotion: Promote your property on websites and in trade magazines that cater to the investment community. Sites like and 

Real Estate Agents: Agents may be useful, but most investors prefer to buy directly from owners.

If you'd like to shortcut the process of selling your home, I can help.

I can make you an offer on your home. If we decide on a fair price, I could pay cash and close quickly. 

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