How to sell a second home, or a home you no longer want.


Owning more than one home might sound like a dream to some, but in today's economy it is more of a nightmare for many. The simple maintenance and upkeep of two homes is an expensive prospect. You might find that you cannot afford to keep up both homes, and that one home goes by the wayside. Owning two homes is more of a burden than a pleasure. Whether you own the second home and use it as a vacation home or a rental property, you might consider selling it. Selling your second home puts money in your pocket and reduces the hassles that you face. 

Selling a home in this economy is a pain. House prices are constantly dropping every year. Homes that sold quickly just a few years ago sit on the market for months or even years without a nibble. Even celebrities are experiencing the same problems because the market for multi-million dollar houses is significantly down. When your home sits on the market, you are still responsible for its maintenance and upkeep. If you want to sell your second home quickly, consider working with a real estate investor. 

A real estate investor is a person or company that purchases a home for resale. The investor buys houses, makes changes to those houses and puts the houses back on the market. Some refer to investors as house flippers because they essentially flip the house for a profit. Many homeowners do not realize that the investors put thousands of dollars into the home before selling it. When you work with a real estate investor, you do not need to focus on doing any repairs or improvements yourself. Most investors buy the property as-is, and make any changes needed. 

Owning a second home is expensive. You must pay two mortgages if you have not paid off one home, and you must pay for any maintenance on both properties. With today's rocky economy you never know when you might need money quickly or when you mist lose your job. Selling your second home through a real estate agent is risky because the agent might not find a buyer for the property. Working with a real estate investor is a far better choice. With the investor, you know that you have a buyer ready. The investor purchases the property and takes over ownership quickly, leaving you free to focus on your primary residence.

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