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The realization that each of our Legacy's are being created every day whether we intentionally create them or not, has become a large part of my everyday life.  After that Ah-Ha moment somewhere in my early/mid 30's, Legacy has become my new thing, and I don’t see it changing. 

A few things that are major priorities for me in designing my Legacy as of today...

  • Celebrate a 50 Year Wedding Anniversary With My Amazing Wife
  • Have Six Packs abs before I die
  • Raise Children That Grow Into Genuinely Fulfilled Adults
  • Lead By Example
  • Make The Space I’m In Better Than When I Arrived
  • Quit Bad Stuff ASAP & Never Quit The Real Stuff
  • Oh yes; I also have a strangely strong passion for real estate, construction, mountains and mountain activities

These each have potentially deep rabbit holes, but that's where the day to day life part kicks in!  So let's do this!

"Choose Legacy Over Currency"

- unknown


P.S. Formal Invite: I’d love some friends to join me on my journey.  Please reach out on my Connect page.



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